Thursday, January 25, 2007

pita disaster

made pita bread after consultation with wife of an Egyptian resident of our dorm. In fact, most of the cooks from 12th floor diamond head kitchen had asked for her pita bread recipe as it looks yummy whenever she takes out trays of hot pieces from the oven. Others followed and were equally successful. Somehow it did not work for me.. Don't know why, perhaps the yeast was not enough..

The recipe is to take 1 cup of flour, add 2 tsp of yeast, a bit salt and sugar and 2 tst of oil. Add water and make a dough. knead and set aside covered for 1 hour. It should rise!!! then make small pita breads using a rolling pin. Arrange them on a tray. Pre-heat oven on 400 (?) farenheit and bake the breads for 7 minutes on the bottom tray. Then place them on the top rack and change the heat to 450 (?) farenheit and turn the grill/broil on. Cook for 4 minutes. The pita bread will rise and slighly turn brown on the top. Stop the oven and take the tray(s) out. Your pita bread is ready. You can serve now. Or keep it in the fridge for later use.. it is versetile, do whatever you want to do with it.. Eat with curry, or cheese or falafel.. It works as long as it looks like a pita bread..

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