Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spicy Shrimp Curry of Adly

Ingredients with method for the sauce:

Take half onion, one ripe tomato, crushed garlic about a spoon, hot garlic sauce ( it has a rooster pic) , Anchovies it comes in a sardine type small container. half tomato paste and tamarinds just a small piece, let it dissolve in water and use the sauce. saute onions, add garlic, then tomato, add hot red chillie paste and anchovies. Saute until anchovies breakdown. then add tomato paste and let it cook. Add water whenever its need to make the sauce. Make sure sauce is not too watery or too thick. then you add SHRIMP after you clean it. Put Dill either fresh or canned, cilantro. Cover pan and let shrimp cook slowly. Don't over cook shrimp.

After you finish make it send me a pic and I will grade you :) (Adly Mirza