Sunday, March 22, 2009

Experiments with Nan and Chicken Tikka

Well the Nan turned out pretty good using this link. But I changed one thing.. Instead of cooking both the breads (with half the recipe) on stove top, I cooked one in the oven (brioler with 500 degrees), for about 5 minutes...Cook longer if you think it is not cooked yet. And, oh, instead of a baking tray I used my heated cast iron skillet!!!

However, I tried to be more experimental with chicken tikka... Last time when I prepared the dish, I had used smaller pieces of chicken.. But this time, I used the same recipe (Shan Chicken Tikka Mix with lemon juice and yogurt) but used one chicken breast piece and a leg piece.. And, instead of baking at 375 degrees for half an hour, I grilled for the same time, 15 minutes on each side, at 500 degrees... But, the result, disappointing. The meat was not thoroughly cooked... These American chickens are so fat!!! So, anyway, I cut the chicken pieces into smaller pieces and sprinkled more Shan spice on top and cooked it on stove top.. At least it is edible now...