Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kacang Bubur (indonesian dessert)

Mung beans 200 grams
Black glutinous rice 100 grams
Coconut milk 300-400 gram (preferably fresh)
Palm sugar 1 block (or as desired)
Pandan leaves a few

Soak the mung beans over night and boil in 1 litre water, with pandan leaves, till very soft and almost disintegrating.. Boil half a litre water separately and cook rice in it (wash the rice first).. Keep separate.. Now add coconut milk to the beans and continue cooking... Add sugar and cook a bit more.. To serve scoop out the porridge and top with rice.. Or, you could mix the rice in the cooking pot as well. Served cold and hot.. Add plantain/ sweet potatoes for extra flavors...

This dish was prepared by Jacintha in Hale Manoa Kitchen...

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