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미숫가루 (misutgaru)

A powder made from steamed rice that has been dried, toasted, and ground. It is mixed with cold water and sugar or honey to make a popular summer drink.

Misutgaru is a mixture of different roasted grains. the recipe varies widely. but it often has ground rice, ground sweet rice, ground roasted black beans, ground corn meal, roasted ground barley...

It is often used as a substitute meal and in the army can be used as emergency food. which is a little strange (as an emergency food) because it goes rancid/moldy very quickly, more so than plain ground grains alone. even if you keep it in the freezer, you have to use it up pretty quickly.

Misutgaru Hwachae

MisutGaru [1/2 cup]
Sugar [1/2 cup]
Water [4 cups]
Kiwi [1]
Water Melon [1/6]
Apple [1/2]
Caned Pineapple [1]

Mix all and serve.

Misutgaru patbingsoo recipe
[미숫가루 팥빙수] (Roast grain powder bingsoo)
A more traditional twist on the basic patbingsoo; has a nutty, satisfying taste

- misutgaru powder (roast grain powder, do not confuse this with malt powder)
- cereal (corn flakes, frosted flakes, captain crunch, etc)
- chapsal dduk (sweet rice cake)
- a scoop of vanilla ice cream
- crushed ice
- red bean
- condensed milk

Make the patbingsoo according to the regular recipe and then top with cereal, then ice cream, then rice cake, and finally sprinkle the misutgaru powder over the whole thing!

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